Shorebreak and Heartbreak

The US Open of Surfing has finally left town.  Well sort of, they are still tearing down all the buildings and grandstands.  While I do love when this circus comes every year and I enjoy being able to ride my bike down to watch pro surfers battle it out I don’t like having to give up my usual surf spot for 10 days.

Yesterday was the first day of the all-clear, but I headed over to Bolsa Chica with Donnie instead.  So, today I decided it was high-time to head back to ol’ Southside.  But when I checked the cams on Surfline, the US Open Hurley building is still up and blocking the view, so I didn’t know what I was in for.  Turns out, it’s back to 2-foot shorebreaks again.  But, it was trunkable, and I never pass that up.  So out I went with the Pepito out and rode the shorebreak and ate sand with the groms.  (Those little dudes are so much better at riding those kinds of waves!  Being 50% taller and twice as heavy just makes for disaster.)

I’m thinking I need some new fins on the Pepito.  The ones on there now are no-name, bland standards.  I need some Futures or something.  Although, what I think I really want is a shorter quad. Heading over to craiglist…

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