Merlin’s Best Day Yet

Donnie and I were finally able to get our schedules aligned to have ourselves a long overdue summer longboard session. When we arrived at Bolsa Chica it looked like shorebreak was going to be the name of the game.  But the tide had just hit its high and was starting to recede, so it was worth a shot – and man, did it pay off!  The waves were on the smaller side, but there was plenty to ride and occasionally some waist-to-shoulder sets rolled in.  After about an hour or so, the tide swing was in full recede mode, the sets stopped coming and shorebreak started up again.  But what a lovely hour.  We couldn’t stop catching waves.  We barely had time to talk.  Definitely the best session I’ve had on the Merl Ives thus far.  Looking forward to more.


Notice how it goes from completely overcast to completely clear in the video.

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