Scooters A Plenty

I am trying to get you all caught up on the mega rad events of Lordleiter’s life, because I am such a jet-setter. Have you ever seen the Shag “Jet-setter” sticker? It’s totally me. Surfing has been trumping Internet activities. Memorial Day, we (me, my wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen, Schmummerhorn and Angus Hilfigger) went to a scooter rally. It was super fun, though I sadly have no scooter. Still working on getting my Vespa. Anyway, the riders (those whose scooters started, many made it to the rally but did not leave the rally), took a ride up the coast about 30 miles.

Here is a video of them taking off. Check out the faces on some of these guys. You’d think they were Hells Angels by the looks they are giving. And what’s with the motorcycles? For the most part, it was lots of cool people out for a good time. But this looks like clowns coming out of a clown car…on scooters. I really feel bad for the guy walking, for he walks the walk of the shamed…with a helmet.


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