Conversation Snippets

The other day Taube and I were off hanging ten. When we are all done (or just getting ready) and at the truck, we are right by the bike path. As riders zip by, one tends to hear bits and pieces of conversations flying by. These conversational nuggets are often worth a chuckle as most things are funny out of context in the Butt-head “uh huh, you said ‘wood'” kind of way.

A few days ago while packing up Elwood and Danno, two old guys, both sporting Santa Clause beards, sporty wind breakers and bike shorts whizzed by and I am 90% sure I heard one Saint Nick say to the other Saint Nick, “…and I only shit myself once this morning.” He seemed quite happy about this statistic. It was 8 a.m. Personally, if I crap my pants at all, I consider the whole day a wash; and if I load up my pants before 8 a.m., I sanitize myself, go back to bed and wait for the next day to get up. That’s just me though. To Mr. Kringle, I say bravo! and keep up the good work!

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