Harbour Surf Shop is having their 50th anniversary this year (2009).  All boards shaped this year will get a special 50th anniversary logo.  I’ve been wanting a Harbour board for as long as I’ve been hanging out at the shop (since 2005).  I told the guys at the shop my intent to buy and being the increadibly helpful guys they are, they insisted that I try out various models before buying.  One model I tried in particular was the Quatro – a high-performance, quad fin longboard.  For the week I had this board, I was master and commander far side of the ocean.  Because of the rails and quad fins, you can take off deep and steep on any sized wave.  I was in love with the board.

I’d decided that the Quatro would be my 50th anniversary Harbour board.  When I went in to order it, the guy at the shop who had loaned me his Quatro said he had a surprise.  Turns out, he had loaned his Quatro out to one of the Harbour team riders, Shige Shimomura, about a year prior.  Shige too had fallin in love with the Quatro and had an exact replica made.  Shige had gotten his fill of the board and wanted to trade it in for something new.  So the surprise was that there was a used Quatro just like the one I had riden in great condition for the taking.  And I took it.  But now I still had to figure out what to get for my 50th anniversary board.

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