Spherical Revolver

The Spherical Revolver was a super lucky find.  For years I have been going to Harbour Surf Shop for all my repairs and equipment.  (The staff there is great and incredibly helpful.)  And for years I had been drooling over the Revolver model.  But Harbour boards are not cheap and I never ponied up the cash for one.  But one fateful day in the autumn of 2008, they started clearing their stock to make way for their 50th anniversary boards.  I have never seen boards go on sale at Harbour before…and I have never seen Harbour boards get snatched up so quickly either.  But I bought a Revolver and was pleased as punch.  With Harbour boards you really do get what you pay for.  The quality, craftsmanship and ridability of their boards are light-years beyond anything else I have ridden.  I haven’t bought anything but Harbour since.

From Harbour:

The Spherical Revolver is an update of the popular 1969 design of the same name. This mid-range board is pure fun. With its wide surface area and elliptical shape the Spherical Revolver is stable and quick and has an amazing amount of maneuverability. A great design for the longboarder that wants some of the shorter feel. The shorter sizes will accommodate either 150-lb. surfers of better ability or very light surfers. The longer size range of this board will perform best for 200 lb. good surfers or lighter surfers that want a full round tail on a wider board. This full figured board will really put some fire back in your surfing. The Spherical Revolver is offered in both a single fin and a 2 + 1 fin set-up and has the original 1969 logo.

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