New Wetsuit at Crabs

I’d gone up to Harbour Surf Shop to see about getting O’Neill to repair my torn wetsuit.  Probably they will, but the catch is that my suit will be in the shop for 4 weeks or so.  With the water temps in the mid 50s I was not too keen on sending it off.  But, with the air temp being as high as it has been these last few weeks, I’d been fancying a full/short sleeve suit.  And what should Harbour have at 40% off today?  Why, Patagonia R2 full/short wetsuits of course!  It was meant to be. (Although the one I bought was a front-zip, not shown in the pic.  Detailed review to come after a few uses.)

Having purchased the new suit I was forced to try it out immediately. Forced! Luckily I happen to have my board in the car anyway, so I meandered down to Crabs in Seal Beach, which I’d heard about but never surfed before. It was a nice spot. There was lots of room, several breaks to pick from and the crowds were minimal. Its only drawback is that it sits right at the San Gabriel rivermouth.  As such, it is out of commission anytime there is a runoff situation. But in the summertime with no rain and a south swell, it is a sweet spot. I paddled around to each of the various peaks and tried them all out. Best of all I was crazy comfy in my new wool-lined wetsuit.  It’s like being wrapped in a flexible blanket!

(I don’t know how much longer the 40% off lasts at Harbour, but based on what I’ve experienced with the suit so far, it is a smashing deal.)

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