Near Tragedy with My New Michel Junod Pumpkin Seed

So I was all set to paddle out yesterday, but when I pulled out my new Michel Junod Pumpkin Seed out of my sweet surf rack, I nearly had a heart attack.  In the middle of the bottom side of the board there were dozens of stress fractures running from rail to rail. CRIPES! (See picture #3 specifically.)

I chucked the board into my car (most gingerly, of course) and sped up to Harbour (home of my local guru).  When I showed the damage to the guys in the shop Robert said, “I don’t know how you didn’t snap this board!”  But, Harbour’s repair guys are as good as it gets and they assured me the Junod will come back healthy and stronger than before (but maybe a bit heavier).

But this had to have happened when Josh and I paddled out this weekend in the monster surf (see Prison Rules at Goldenwest).  We (me especially) really got bombed that day.


Dear Fergus,

Hopefully you’ll never even see this as I’m sure it will give you a heart attack as well, but if you do please know the following:   I assure you this board has been in the best care and treated with the utmost respect since I bought it from you.  It was some kind of freak occurrence.  It will continue to be honored as I ride it into the future.


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