5 Surf Gifts for Under $15

Happy Cyber Monday! It’s only mere weeks until Christmas day and even fewer to Hanukkah.  Ideally I’m sure we’d all like to give each others sweet waves as gifts.  But since that is up to King Neptune, here are 5 holiday gift ideas under $15 for all the dudes and wahines on your list.

  1. Subscription to Surfer Magazine – $14.97 – A Surfer Mag Subscription, the gift that gives all year long.  Surfer MagazineReading a surf mag can be fun, especially if for just a year. It gives you something to look forward to in the mail. You’ll learn a few tips and tricks you didn’t know before. You’ll read some interesting interviews with notable/interesting folks you may not have heard of before.  And the pictures are inspiring.  It’s doesn’t have to be Surfer, of course. Any of the other mags will do too: Surfing, Transworld Surf and so on are good too.
  2. The PickleThe Pickle – $9.95 – Pickle Wax Remover for Surfboards is a must have. It’s a wiz at getting all the little bits and smudges off your deck without scratching and scraping with a wax comb. (Use a wax comb first to get all the major crud off first.  But all the stuff the comb leave behind is where The Pickle comes in super handy.)  And trust me, the cleaner you get the deck the better the new coat of wax goes on. It’s like having a brand new board.
  3. Crazy Surf Wax ColorsCrazy Colored Sticky Bumps Wax – $5.75 – The Sticky Bumps Cool-Cold Day Glo Surfboard Wax Assorted 3 Pack comes with the Green, Yellow and Blue bars. The other colors can be found using the link above if you want to round it up to $15, or pick other colors. Get your friends the pink wax, then make fun of them when they use it!
  4. Surfing CaliforniaSurfing California Book – $10.85 – Surfing California: A Complete Guide to the Best Breaks on the California Coast (Surfing Series) is a book that was given to me as a gift and come in quite handy over the years. It’s great for getting you to a break and knowing what to expect as far as parking, wave style and so on. I also hear that the Surfer Magazine books are great too – Surfer Magazine’s Guide to Southern California Surf Spots ($13.57) and Surfer Magazine’s Guide to Northern and Central California Surf Spots ($13.57). If you live outside of Cali, I am sure there are other books, but I can’t help with a recommendation.
  5. Endless SummerEndless Summer DVD – $14.99 – The Endless Summer is The Bible of surf movies. If your surf buddy does not have this movie yet it is imperative that you gift it to them directly!  Don’t even wait for the holidays come around.  Then sit and watch it with them with some hot cocoa. In fact, you should probably pull out your copy right now and watch it. And if you don’t have a copy either, buy two so you can keep one for yourself (because you know your friend won’t lend it out).

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