Mellow Porto Morning

We had a very mellow surf session this morning at El Porto.  I thought from the forecast that today was just going to be Aaron and me. But the call of the El Porto Friday is strong.  Peter was in the parking lot as well when I rolled up.  We headed out into the water before the sun even showed on the horizon.  While we surfed CW appeared and paddled out, then Michael joined us too.  I was pumped.

The waves were thigh to waist high, the water was glassy and the crowds were non-existant, which at El Porto is a great day no matter what the wave size is. We all had a blast having the waves to ourselves and longboarding every little waves that came our way.  Except for Peter who suffered from new-board-itis (when you get a new board and you take it out everyday no matter what the conditions).  He has a sweet new Firewire surfboard and brought it out today.

We did take a bit of video, but once again, I have to ask your patience.  My computer is still at the shop, so I won’t be able to edit that until next week.  But I assure you it will be worth the wait.  There was something sinister out there in the water today…

Picture 1

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