Low Tide Ankle Biters at Venice

Peter and I set out for a Dawn Patrol sesh at Sunset Blvd this morning.  We got there at 5:30 just in time for the -2 ft low-tide but there was nothing to ride.  Just tiny waves breaking right on the beach.  We decided to pull stakes and take our chances at Venice.  There was at least something to ride there, but not much.  1s and 2s with a rogue 3 footer once in awhile.  Conditions were calm & glassy, but the waves were mostly steep low-tide closeouts.  We managed to drop into a few fin scraping rides on waves that felt like they were breaking in about 6 inches of water. We got our obligatory 3 rides and got out.

Here are a few pictures of a dude riding what looks like the best wave out there this morning

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