Love N' Dancing

My wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen and I have been to a rash of movie screenings lately. One such move was “Love N’ Dancing.” Save yourself, don’t see this movie.  Read the title.  Now spend 30 seconds or so formulating a movie idea based on that title.  You’ve pretty much seen the movie now.  Which is weird, because usually when they shorten words with apostrophes in movie titles, that’s like guaranteed box office gold, right? The one saving grace to this movie is Billy Zane.  He was, as always, totally awesome.

Here’s a funny anecdote though.  We didn’t get picked for the “in-depth” review panel after the movie and so we left after filling out our comment cards.  As we were walking out the lead actor fromt he film, Tom Malloy was walking into the theater just as we were leaving.  My wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen remarked after he passed, “Hey, that was the guy from the movie!  His dancing was good.  Too bad the script was so bad.”  I replied, “Well, that’s not really his fault.”  When I got home I looked Love N’ Dancing up on IMDB (as I always do after a screening).  Turns out, he DID write the movie and it WAS his fault!

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