Long Lulls at Beach Bowls

According to Surfline.com, there is a big event brewing over the next few days.  We should be seeing some serious surf in the coming week, possibly on the order or 6-7 feet.  Whenever something big rolls through, I like to be sure to get out regularly several days before hand, just to make sure I’m in decent paddling shape.  Also, I get to build up to the max swell over a period of days, rather than jumping right in to the Big Wednesday.  There’s nothing worse than having a great swell event roll through and be unprepared for it.

So, I grabbed the Pumpkin Seed and headed down to Beach Bowls.  The report prediced 2-4s.  I saw the 2s, but didn’t see much of the 4s.  And the waits in between the sets were long, long, long. I forgot my leash this morning too.  Luckily, there wasn’t much to wipeout on, and the one time I did lose my board was when I was heading in anyway.

Nothing really exciting to report.  I caught my requisite minimum 3 waves, I had the break to myself, I paddled around a lot for conditioning.

Stay posted, brothers and sisters, big swell on the horizon.

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