Logging Days and Building Waves in Huntington

Can you feel it?  Can you feel the swell building?  Oh Jack Lordy, things are going to get nuts and they are going to get nuts quick.  The Oakley iPhone App predicted 1-3 today in Huntington.  Donnie and I went out at 9th Street to steer clear of the pier since the US Open is currently running the round of 144.  (Keep track of the heats.)  But those were no 1-3s out there today. They were solid 3s and great fun.  It was a logging day for sure.  Crumbly a-frames rolling in and making for long, fun rights and lefts.  (Get out there before it gets crowded!)  Donnie and I got some great waves out there and we definitely had a high wave count today.

Down by the pier things were probably just as good or better.  What great waves for a contest.  It’d been junk up until today so I was curious what was in store for the rest of the competition.  I went on Surfline.com to check out the forecast for the rest of the week.  Dude.  It’s going to get nuts.  Look at Friday!  “Occasionally 10ft.”  I like that this sentence ends with a period.  Apparently, it is just a statement and not at all an exclamation as in, “Holy Crap!  Occasional 10 footers! Are you even kidding me?!”

El Porto, although not “occasional 10ft,” will also be at code orange on Friday.  So don’t be surprised if all I come back with this week are some pics.

Huntington Beach forecast to Friday to 24 July 2009

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