Building Swell at Porto

Pete & I tried to meet up for a Dawn Patrol sesh at Sunset Blvd this am.  There was a small peeling wave, but it wasn’t coming through very often.  We mostly bobbed in the water out there.  We got out early, and since I had some time before I had to go to work I drove down to El Porto to have a quick sesh with Josh and Drew.  Waves were looking a little more promising at the Port.  I think I got there when the tide was just right.  Glassy 2s and 3s plus some bigger set waves.  A lot more power than we experienced at Sunset, too.  The waves were kind of walled and some where closing out, but there were plenty of workable corners. I was riding my trusty 9′ 3 Log and got some nice cruising rides.  It ended being a pretty fun, but brief session.  The crowd was thick, and I can only imagine it getting more and more crowded as the swell fills in this week.

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