Last Friday’s Delayed Report

This is my super belated report from last Friday. I had to head straight to Reno, NV after surfing.  Sorry for the delay, work has been extra super mega busy lately.  Luckily Josh posted a report, so I won’t repeat anything.

The waves were superb.  They were nice shoulder-to-head-high waves with great shape.  Ideal, really.  I had a dozen great rides, but my first wave was my best by far. And the Junod was riding like a dream – best craig’s list buy ever.

While Josh, AA and I were out there, we made a new friend.  We never got the dude’s name, but he blended into the group as though he’s been surfing with us for years.  So, if you are out there dude, we look forward to seeing you out there again.

It was a short but brilliant surf session.

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