Fun Friday

The surf didn’t look like much when we rolled up, but as the tide dropped there were some fun chesties on tap.  We had a big crew today too; finally the cosmic forces had all our schedules in sync enough to give most of us a common hour to share.  Today’s team consisted of me, Josh, Mike, Peeb, CW, Steven and newcomer Sean (welcome, dude).  We also saw Wilson in the parking lot later as we were getting ready to leave.

For about 45 minutes or so, the swell really picked up and gave us all something to ride, but eventually it fizzled back out as the morning progressed.  The winter has really taken a tole on the sea floor creating rows and rows of sandbars causing the strength of the waves to pulse from strong to mush on the way to the beach.  We spent a lot of each ride trying to stay in the sweet spot intent on riding out the mushy sections – sometimes well, sometimes fail.

Still, as always, it was a great times surfing with friends.

Peeb and I were treated to some full frontal male nudity on our way to the showers.  Some high school kids, no doubt kicking off their summer break with some surfing, were already at the showers cleaning sand off their wetsuits.  One dude snatched another guy’s towel leaving him starkers in the showers.  He shouted, “I hate you guys.  I’m never surfing with you again.”  He cupped his junk and went in search of a towel.  Meanwhile his friends were in tears from laughter.  Poor dude.

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