How Rad the Internet Is 2: Finger Boogaloo

Taube is off today trying to claim his 15 minutes of fame allotted to him by Mr. Warhol. We are all totally pumped for him and he is giddy like a Japanese schoolgirl. I told him to text my phone with sweet details while he was off on his Hollywood adventure. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone today. (Normally not a big deal as I despise my mobile phone. I never wanted it in the first place, but my company supplied me with it anyway. But that is a whole other neurosis.)

Luckily, Taube phoned Clamhead earlier today while driving into Hollywood just as I happened to be instant messaging Clamhead. So, I chatted Clamhead to tell Taube not to bother with texting me as I did not have my phone with me. So far, the Internet is already rad with all this communication going on. But what makes the Internet super rad is that Taube’s phone was able to let Taube quickly and visiually express how he felt about my tomfoolery by taking a quick picture and emailing it to me all in a matter of seconds.

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