How Do You Fix Your Dings?

In like of Mike’s recent ding, I was wondering how you all fix your dings.  I know I’ve done everything from cramming wax into the hole, to using Suncure and sandpaper, to taking in to the shaper who created the board in the first place.  But lately, I’ve really been interested in learning some proper ding-fix skills (as well as building my own board).  So, when your board gets gashed, what’s your go-to fix method?

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  1. Duane on 6 February 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Jeff, call me if you need help fixing dings. I assure you it’s easier than constructing those fancy surf racks and you can do a better job than the shop (unless the shop is good or unless you break a fin plug or glassed on fin). Don’t use wax- useless. Shops tend to use too much catalyst because they want it to harden faster so they can work on mass boards at a time. The result is the ding repair will fall apart after a year or so.

    1) Sanding resin mixed with thickener (Q-cell) to fill the ding- make it thick so it won’t run, like paste.
    2) Fiber glass over it with sanding resin. Don’t sand this all down. Add another layer if nec.
    3) finishing resin if necessary+ finishing sanding (fine grit- wet/dry + buff it if necessary). Apply with brush.

  2. Duane on 6 February 2010 at 5:45 pm

    One more thing, get your hands on a Dremmel tool. Dremmel out cracks and make holes at the end so they won’t propagate. Surf shops don’t even know about this because they don’t know anything about crack propagations. A propagating crack will cause the repair to fall apart after awhile.

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