Poor Mike had a collision with a buddy today while surfing.  Took a significant gash out of the bottom of the board.  It’s funny how right-of-way rules go right out the window with friends sometimes.  Though, Mike said he didn’t even notice the ding until after he’d gotten out of the water.  (Looks like it’s time for the $20 ding repair.)

Luckily, Mike is a huge Do-it-yourself kind of guy. So as much as a bummer as this ding is, I suspect he is also looking forward to getting to play with fiberglass and foam.  But I love that Mike sent a picture of the ding to me before he even drove away.  How great is technology for those “OH, DUDE!” moments you know you need to share right away?


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  1. Tracey on 6 October 2009 at 4:21 pm

    Ouch. Not any fun at all.

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