Hawai’ian Weather, East Coast Waves

After work yesterday, I packed up my bike and headed down to Beach Bowls for a sunset surf session.  Jack Lordy that water was deliciously warm.  The thermometer on my watch read 76ºF!  My brain was telling me that couldn’t be right, and it could have been taking some heat off my wrist, but it sure felt wonderful.  It was like surfing in Hawaii when the water and the air temperature are the same.  The water temp/weather combo turned a “meh” surf session into a “decent” sesh.

It was just me, two other dudes and two guys in an inflatable kayak out there.  So, again, small crowds and warm water were the highlights of the sesh.  The waves were a bit lackluster.  The best waves were in the thigh to waist-high range.  But the most that was offered was a brief face on the drop in, then the wave would just kind of peter out.  And what little face was there was lumpy, putting my knees to the test trying to absorb the whoop-de-doos and avoid getting bounced off.

I’d take the Revolver out, but even the length on that at 7’4″ proved problematic.  I really need to get myself a fish.  But I’m also desperate to get a nose-rider!  Oh, if only I had more time and more money…

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