Hanging Five – The Movie

T677-XV-HANG5-00_150_boxContinuing on my movie review path, while I was ill, I also watched Hanging Five, another of my The Surf Network downloads. Hanging Five profiles the lives, work and experiences of five artists who also happen to be surfers. Though this movie does show plenty of surfing, it might be wrong to call this a surf film.  It’s more of a documentary where surfing is the linchpin that ties all these artists together.  Surf film or no, Hanging Five was quite interesting.

I was intriguing to watch how surfing and the surfing lifestyle influenced the art these five people created.  (My favorite in the film was Andy Davis.)  It was also funny that nearly all of them mentioned at one point that they are surprised that they are making a living with their art.  Again, it was not a traditional surf film so if you are looking for some sweet, innovative footage, this is not for you.  But as a straight up documentary about five artists, with some surfing sprinkled in, this is a great watch.  It might even give you some perspective on your own life-work balance.


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