Guerrila El Porto Thursday with Big, Awesome Surf

There were rumors buzzing on the Internets last night that some Portoers were thinking of assaulting the beaches of El Porto in a dawn patrol this morning.  Having to hear about how great it was on Tuesday, I was not about to miss out again, so I headed up to meet the bros.  Everyone had only committed with a “probably,” so it was going to be a crap shoot as to who would actually show up.  Ultimately today’s crew consisted of Peter, Josh, Aaron (wearing some sweet cowboy boots) and me.

For the most part, the waves were fun little waist-high affairs – good fodder for the Revolver.  But there was a period of about 30-45 minutes where El Porto was going off.  Regular head-high sets started rolling in.  I managed to lasso two of these dragons and ride them in.  Big, strong waves, the kind where you can feel the power of the water under your board.  I uncorked the Revolver on those two.  I know I said I had a sweet wave that I’d talk about for years last Monday, but these rides are serious contenders.  (Sorry for sticking you with the camera Peter.)

We did bring the Flip UltraHD camera, but did not get too much footage for all the sweet surfing.  Plus, we have a whole new challenge now with trying to figure out how to film in the bigger surf.  It’s much harder to get close, see over the chowder and stay together as a group.  Hopefully we’ll figure it out for tomorrow.  Still, here’s a 35 second Thursday Teaser to get you pumped for a proper El Porto Friday.

Bob Ross would have said these were “Happy Waves.”


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