Epic El Porto Fail


Before I get to the report, let me quickly confess that I have cleverly deleted all the video clips I took today, which means no video today.  I won’t go into my idiocy or subsequent panic because it won’t bring the clips back.  But know that I am crazy sorry.  I’ll have to figure out a way to make this up to you all.  Although, none of the clips were too spectacular.  My videography was quite shoddy.  I’m still working on my big surf filming technique.  Need to get a pair of fins.  At one point it even seems, while bobbing in the powerful chowder, that I confused when the camera was recording and when it was off.

The good news is that the surf was superb.  The waves were good shape, strong and sizable.  There were a few close-outs, but more good waves than not.  I tied into quite a few big ones adding to my list of waves to remember (a number that seems to have doubled just this week).  Aaron borrowed the Revolver today and also seemed to get a few waves worth bragging about.

We had a nice crew today too – Jordan, Mike, CW, Chrissie, Josh, Aaron and Jason all turned out.  Though with my floundering video skills, I thing Jason was the only one of the crew that I got on camera.  The rest of the people that I filmed were all just random surfers that happened to be near me while I floated around.  (I got separated from the group pretty early on and only found them again towards the end of the session.)

I’m working on a recovery of the video files, so keep your fingers crossed (but don’t hold your breath).

Here’s my punishment:

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