EPF 18: Dawn Patrol v. The Tide

The tide and the Dawn Patrol are swinging out of sync again.  Aaron and I paddled out early and were able to snag a high wave count before the tide elevated and the crowds arrived.  The early waves were fun, a little slow, but otherwise good size and length.  Aaron and I barely had time to catch up on conversation because one of us was always catching a wave or paddling back.

But once the tide started rising, the break moved closer to shore and stared closing out.  They were the mean little waves too.  You either just eeked through or got eaten up.  Saw lots of people doing headers, face plants and going over the falls. (Personally, I ate it every which way.)

I did have a chance to test out my new fins and my new wetsuit again (both with reviews to come).  Fins are promising and wetsuit is still totally worth the money.  Even with the short sleeves I was crazy comfortable today.  At one point I paddled over to Aaron (who was in a full suit) to ask, “Is it just me or is the water finally getting warmer?”  But before I got the words out Aaron said, “Man, it’s extra cold today.”  Go Patagonia wetsuit.


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