El P Files

Saturday morning was sort of a rough and tumble sesh at El Porto.  There was serious wind kicking up some chop, and really strong current that we were battling all morning.  We got some sweet rides, and that was all good, but what I really wanted to report about was the dead freaking goat on the beach.  The dead goat with out a head that is.  I think this was around 9 am, and we allowed ourselves to be carried pretty far north.  We decided that rather than paddle all the way back to where we started, we’d get out and walk back.  We left the water in front of the power plant, and there was a little excitement going on.  The body of a headless goat was laying on the beach.  No teeth marks, and no blood.  Totally bizarre.  Someone had notified the police, and they showed up to take the body away just as we were walking away from the scene.  So we don’t know what happened…Satanic ritual? El Chupacabra likes to snack on goats after a solid surf sesh? Who knows…I’m going with the Chupacabra theory.

El Porto Chupacabra Sighting

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