Early AM Walls at Porto

Peter and I met up for an early morning sesh at Porto.  It was a pretty nice morning.  It was sunny, warm, and conditions were good.  Clean, mostly 3s and 4s with some smaller waves.  Low tide was at 6:45, so when we first got out it was walled, with a fair amount of close outs.  It was also biggest early, and mellowed out a bit as the tide filled in.  The waves were sectiony, but there were some sweet corners.  Even on the walled waves we grabbed some fun drop ins before the inevitable destructive wave crash. (Express Elevator style)  We both ate it a few times, but it was a good time.  The current was really strong again today, and carried us north to the power plant. We didn’t mind because the crowd was a little thinner over there.  I am happy to report that there were no dead goats on the beach today!

Here’s a few pics I took after I got out, the waves had mellowed out a bit, but there was still some stuff out there:

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