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Greetings fellow surfers and ocean aficionados,

We’ve finally reached the point in the site where most of our Phase 1 goals (make the site) are complete.  Now we are moving on to our list of Phase 2 items (make the site awesome).  First on that list was getting the RSS feed set up properly.  And so, the RSS feed is now set up through FeedBurner for better feeding.  If you’ve alreayd subscribed to the site, excellent and thanks.  If not, click on the orange “Get Fed” RSS guy at the top of the site to subscribe now and customize your settings to your favorite RSS viewer.  (When you first look at that dude, doesn’t it look like he’s on a toilet?  We’ll have to update him during the “making it awesome” phase.)

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Stay stoked and keep reading and commenting.  Your participation keeps us stoked.

Thanks from all of us at El Porto Fridays.

(Now clock out and go hit the waves.)

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