Choppy Afternoon at Beach Bowls

By the end of the work day yesterday both my eyes were twitching and my back was burning with a searing pain.  I was heading out for sure no matter what the conditions.  I’d been watching the wind pick up all day and figure there would be some significant chop out there.  And boy, was I right.  The waves were super sectiony and the chop was like a set of whoop-dee-dos.  Riding down the “face” of one of these waves was like going through a slalom or an obstacle course.  But it was definitely good practice for popping-up and riding in adverse conditions.  I always think that handling the worst of waves better prepares you for the best of waves.  But sadly I did where my wetsuit on this sesh. First time since July.  It was not so much for the water which is still reasonably warm, but for the bike ride home.  In the afternoon when it’s windy like it was today, on the bike ride back home can get so cold sometimes it’ll make your nipples fall off.  Nipples intact.

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