5 Things for Surfers to Do on a Rainy Day

If you are in Southern California, the recent rains may be hampering your surf.  And the 72 wait period of waiting for the water to clear up can be enough to make your crawl out of your skin (especially when surfline is calling for 7 foot waves!).  So, what’s a surfer to do?  Here are 5 things to help keep you stoked until you get back out.

  1. Rewax your boards – A newly waxed board is the next best thing to a new board.  And seriously, how long has it been since you last waxed it up?  When you bought it?  Since then it’s just been collecting layer upon layer of quick once-overs.  Now the surface is all globby and bumpy.  A new, fresh coat of wax will feel like a dream the next time you paddle out.
  2. Properly fix dings – If you are an everyday surfer, those nicks and dings can start to add up.  You fill them with wax, put a sticker over them or touch them up with Suncure as a stop gap just so you can get back out in the water.  I understand, I do it too.  Take the rainy time to properly fix the dings.  And if you don’t know how to fix dings, take the time to learn how to fix dings properly.
  3. Make new home for your boards – Are you surfboards piling up in all corners of your garage?  Are they haphazardly strewn around your living room?  Build yourself a nice surfboard nook, a place to properly store your boards.
  4. Visit your favorite surf shop – Use your lunch break to head down to your local surf shop.  First, it is important to support your local surf shop.  Second, you can swap surf yarns with the employees.  Then check out the boards, see if there is anything missing from your quivver.
  5. Watch an old classic surf film – Pop some corn, grab a beverage and put on an old classic like Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer or Five Summer Stories.


  1. Blar on 15 October 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Orrrrrr….. you load up on vitamin c, zinc, and essential vitamins and score some of the best surf in the area in a while!

    • Jeff on 15 October 2009 at 5:46 pm

      Right, there’s always that.

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