World Cupdate #2

The US team was announced early in May. This team will be a formidable force to be sure. They had a three game send-off tour recently where they won 2 and lost 1, but performance improved greatly the more time they spent playing together. They are now currently in Germany getting used to the time difference and weather. US home base will be in Hamburg. The World Cup begins on June 9, but US’s first game will be on June 12…against the Czechs.

I was also looking ahead at possible teams the US will play if they make it out of their group (which is being labeled “The Group Of Death”), it is quite likely that their first game outside of the group would be against Brazil. Talk about tough breaks. First they have to beat #2 in their group, then have to take on #1 just to GET to the semi-finals…theoretically. Though if that does happen and they do make it that far, the tough hurdles should be overcome early and give the US team crazy super momentum.

U.S. Men vs. Czech Republic
Live on ESPN2 and Univision
06/12/2006 11:55 AM ET

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  1. Taube on 9 June 2006 at 7:20 am

    It would seem that you are not the only one with world cup fever. Check this out!

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