Hasselhoff Schreit

Though I stopped paying attention after Bucky was voted off American Idol, I did keep in touch with who was getting voted off each week. But I did here that Lisa was going to be back for the finale of the show, so I tuned it last night.

And what a ridiculous extravaganza it was. But here’s what unsettled me. When they announced the winner, they cut to various shots of the audience like they like to do – parents of the contestants and the odd celebrities that grace the Idol Theater. Last night they cut to David Hasselhoff…and I think he was crying.

Hasselhoff crying? Now I am not sure about what is to come, but I am quite sure that Hasselhoff crying is some sort of sign of impending global doom.

“They will be driven away for a long drawn out fight.
The countryside will be most grievously troubled.
Town and country will have greater struggle.
When the watcher of bays and wiener dog piper cries.”


Hooka Chaka indeed.

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