EPF Lay Day/Women’s Billabong Pro Highlights

Rain canceled another El Porto Friday. The vicious cycle has begun.  (The vicious cycle being the 72 hours lay period after a rain event, and then it seems to rain every three days.)  Luckily the Pipeline Masters is on again today, so you can watch that if you are rain soaked and/or landlocked.  But I feel bad about not bringing you an new EPF episode today, so I bring you a highlights reel you may have missed and a new post teaser to make up for it.

First the teaser – I have yet another new board.  I know, I know – I JUST bought one (and then nearly broke it on it’s second outing).  I wasn’t looking for this board; this board found me.  So, know there is a post coming soon about how I suddenly came to own yet another board just as soon as I get a sunny day to take photos.

Now for the highlights reel.  Women in surfing do not get their due.  While the surfing world was focused on the Aikau, the Parko/Fanning shootout and Pipe Masters, the ladies of surfing were tearing it up in Maui at the Billabong Pro where Stephanie Gilmore won her third straight title.  (Well done, Steph!) I’m not claiming the other events aren’t worth watching, they are.  (The Aikau was NUTS this year!)  But how did the women’s final event this year slip under the radar? How did it not get the same kind of coverage all the other events are getting?  As always, the ladies owned it on some super sweet waves.


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