Another State of Mind

Another State of Mind DVD featuring CJ NelsonHave you even been out on your longboard and having the best day, the kind of day where you catch every wave you go for and get every ounce of stoke out of each ride? And then you think, “Man, I am taking this to the edge. I wonder how far I can push this.” Well, Another State of Mind will show you just how far you can go on a longboard. (And unfortunately, you may realize just how far you still have to go.)

Normally, I wouldn’t have even considered watching Another State of Mind. Right from the cover, it comes off as too brash for my tastes. And the music and trailer reinforce my initial feelings. But the preview also features some super nutty longboarding, which really caught my eye. And I noticed Chad Marshall on the “featured surfers” list – he’s a favorite of Aaron’s. Then The Surf Network offered it up on special one day for $6.99. I though, “Well, for $7 I have to see more of this nutty longboarding.”

Mother of Pearl, is the surfing impressive! I vaguely remember not being into the music, but honestly, I was so into the surfing, that I don’t even really remember it. The surfing was truly riveting. And when it was all over, I sat there with my mouth agape, my longboarding paradigm shattered and my mind reeling at just how far I still have to go with my long board skill.

Of course, for the next few days after seeing Another State of Mind I religiously took the Quatro out and tried to push myself farther and farther. It’ll be a while, but knowing what can be achieved has definitely unlocked some hidden potential. I fully recommend this movie to anyone who has a longboard.


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