Whale of a Tale

It was an exciting morning in Venice today.  When I arrived at the beach there was a helicopter hovering over the water.  I asked the parking lot dude “Whats up with the chopper?” He said he didn’t know, but it had been hanging out for 5 minutes or so.  It stayed there for awhile and then took off before we were suited up.  I was sort of nervous getting into the water because it was obvious that something was lurking out there, but never-the-less Sam and I paddled out into the am glass.  Conditions were pretty close to yesterday.  Glassy 2’s and 3’s with an occasional 4, but for the most part we were dealing with the classic Venice walled up close-outs.  There were certainly some sections to ride though, and we got some fun waves.  The real highlight of the morning however was the whale sighting!  I have heard from co workers for a few weeks that there’s been a whale hanging out in Marina Del Rey, and I guess this morning he decided to come out by us (on the north side of the pier between the jetties). I’m not a good judge of how for away from us he was, but he was in relatively close.  Supposedly whales like to come into shallow water to scrub barnacles off of their bellies and eat.  He was just chilling out there the whole time we were at the beach and once in awhile we’d see his hump pop up.  It was really cool.  This article has some footage of him

Sing it Kirk!


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