Video 9: The Mystic Fog

The thick fog was impressive. The surfers are smaller in this video than usual and seem to appear out of the mist.  I had to film from the shore as bobbing in the big surf and heavy fog made me a dangerous obstacle for surfers.  The best part about this video is watching how long some of the rides are.  There were plenty of right, lefts and splits and they all seemed to go on all the way to the beach.  (Although, you’ll see some close outs too.)

This whole surf session was mysterious and surreal with the fog, the frantic dolphins and the big waves.  I told Peter when we were in the line up that it was like a John Carpenter film.  And though it did not turn out as horrible for us as it usually does for John Carpenter’s characters, we certainly did not make it out unscathed.  Or maybe it was like “Surfers in the Mist.”  Jane Goodall may want to study us.  We heard from Uzair later on that he went out for an afternoon surf session and snapped his board clean in two. It was as if the ocean was cursed by some sort of tiki necklace…

A big mahalo to for always having the perfect soundtrack to complement our movies.

Please to enjoy: El Porto Fridays Episode 9: The Mystic Fog

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