Those Morning Lyrics

So this morning I woke up with lyrics running through my head, as I usually do. This generally is not a pleasurable experience as it is most often a song that I am not partial to. But despite my dislike of the “head song” I can usually pinpoint why it may be stuck in my head. Perhaps Taube had been berating me with that cursed Marshall Mathers song, or all the radio stations are on a tight rotation of three songs as they are apt to do. On occasion the head song is a pleasant song, but this too is usually spoiled by the fact that there is only one line of this song or one stanza running repeatedly though my mind.

You try all kinds of old wives’ remedies to try to cure yourself of these ingrained lyrics. You try singing a different song in the shower, though this usually segues back into the head song before you know it. You turn on the radio, but then the radio is still playing those same three damned songs that are already burned into you head.

This morning I had a special head song. But I really can not figure out where this one came from. It is a song that I haven’t heard in at least a decade. What’s more, I don’t remember taking any interest in this song; certainly don’t remember committing any of the song’s lyric to memory. So this song came from deep within my soul. Some piece of my brain that has been dormant since the 1980’s suddenly burst into song, as it were.

“You come on with a come on, but you don’t play fair…”

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