Coen Brothers Fest #7: "The Big Lebowski"

This is hands down my all-time favorite Coen film. Strangely it is difficult to write about. We have many of our regulars back and once again Buscemi’s character expires. This is the last Coen film that Buscemi has appeared in. Speaking of which, where is Buscemi? He has failed to appear in either Coen films or in Adam Sandler movies of late. If nothing else you can usually at least count on his cameos in those movies. O’ Buscemi, where art thou?

John Goodman should have won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of “Walter Sobchak” in “The Big Lebowski.” However, he wasn’t even nominated. Shame on the Academy.

There are two things I can’t link up in this movie though. One, how did Little Larry’s homework get into The Dude’s car? The course of event that lead up to this are as follows: The nihilist get the ringer instead of the drop off. The Dude’s car is stolen, I always assumed the nihilists stole it in search of the drop off, which of course isn’t there. The Dude gets his car back and finds Little Larry’s homework inside. Did Little Larry steal he car in the first place and not the nihilists? Did the nihilists dump the car after searching for it and then Little Larry happened upon and and took it for a joyride, accidentally leaving his homework inside? I don’t know.

Two, why does The Dude tell Da Fino (the private investigator looking for Bunny Lebowski/Fawn) to stay away from his “lady friend?” When was Da Fino ever bothering Maude? Is there a scene that was cut out? Maybe this dialog just seems odd to me.

Other than that, this movie is pure brilliance and should be enjoyed on a weekly basis.

Next Episode: “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

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