Theme Song To

“Theme to Clamhead” by Lichterloh

Beware – this is not for the faint of heart…or hearing. This project is starting to move into the “nothing is going right!” phase, so I thought is best to make a least a lo-fi version of it so my buddies can finally hear it. Now instead of “I want to hear it”-like anxious requests, this topic will skillfully be avoided as they will be embarrased to bring up said sad topic; much in the same way that an unfunny joke can make a dialogue drastically uncomfortable.

The most amazing thing about this ditty (and never shall it be referred to as any more) was how much of it mysteriously appeared in the recording. When I set out to record it, the ditty could not have been more than 30 seconds. Suddenly there was an intro out of nowhere and a second verse.

The most disappointing aspect of this folley was the loss of my Barry White voice. Though not ill, for some reason my voice sounded like I had sore throat for months today. I was totally hoping to put the BW Smoothness to good use. When it came time to record, I no longer sounded like Captain Cool, but rather like I was in the midst of my second puberty.

Sadly, this song is surely no theme song for If that is ever to be, it will be crucial that I whip out my old keyboard and speed it up, funk it out…something. Of course, all my MIDI equipment is circa last millenium (serial ports?) so, I may have to invest in upgrades.

I am not sure, but I think I may have nicked some of “Piper of Love” fromt the first Austin Powers soundtrack. Many times when writing songs one thinks they are on to something good, and it is good…because one had heard it a thousand times before! I’ll have to go and check my suspicions.

(Editor’s Note: The following text was added the next day.)

There were many things that upset me about Ditty (see above). Ms. Clamhead listened to it this morning and it finally hit me. There is one fatal flaw in the entire thing. I never once make mention of What kind of them song never mentions what it is theming?

Also, I think I may have also ripped of U2’s “Bad”. It seems I have no original ideas whatsoever.

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