Rcommies as Smurfs

The Band of Jackals went to Disneyland on a field trip some days ago. (I nealy didn’t get to go because I forgot to get my wife to sign my permission slip!) Operating under mob mentality it was decided that we go on “It’s a Small World”. (We did have small childrend in tow, so it was a reasonable choice.) I had been on “It’s not a Fun Ride” only days before and as it is not my favorite I decided to pass on the daunting adventure. However, I though it would be a good idea to get a picture of everyone in the boat as they came out of “It’s a Long Song”.

Shown above is an enhanced result of the picture I took. This picture is interesting because it shows so well what our Smurf names might be. (Editor’s Note: This is actually not interesting at all.) Featured in the picture are Crazed Smurf, Pantera Smurf, Chode Smurf and Smart Smurf. Also in the picture but not as featured (because the red lines were becoming ridiculous) are She Might Be Smurf, No Time For Jeff’s Jokes Smurf, Oh ‘nap Smurf, New Guy Smurf (actually he’s been with us for month’s and been a great help to the company (Chode Smurf and Pantera Smurf in particular, but he’s still the new guy), New Guy’s Wife Smurf, Nomoremoodle Smurf and Antennae Smurf.

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