The Politcal Future of America

Perhaps you have already noticed, or maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a pattern emerging on the leadership of the American executive branch. Ending the 80s and starting the 90s, we had George Bush (senior). He was succeeded by Bill Clinton who rode out the rest of the 90s. Currently we have Bush (junior) ushering us into the new millennium (and what a millennium so far!). Now, there is serious talk of Hillary Clinton being a serious contender for president.

Assume that last speculation comes to pass, and assume the Bush/Clinton pattern continues, here’s what our choices will be in the future. After Hilary, we will have Jeb Bush as commander-in-chief. Then we will be treated to a White House stint by Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger Clinton. (He can be seen here on his side-splitting turn on the knee-slapping sitcom “The Nanny.”)

What a millennium it will continue to be!

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