The Perch

T677-MM-PERCH-00_150_boxThe Perch was one of the first films that caught my eye when I first started cruising The Surf Network.  I liked the artwork and I always like watching noseriding.  But The Perch did not deliver for me.  That is not to say there wasn’t plenty of noseriding, there was.

The description reads “A flowing, style heavy movie, with the right music, a masterpiece! Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, Brendan White, C.J.Nelson, Dylan Jones, Josh Farberow, Keefe Gargan, Oliver Parker, Zander Hartman, etc.”  I think with the star power of Tudor, Knost and Nelson I set up an expectation for more.  But the film plays out like someone with a VHS camcorder, then editing the results on iMovie. The irony is not lost on me.  And I’m not opposed to this style of film making at all, it was just that the film itself was bland and didn’t inspire me.  To me, it didn’t have much style, I don’t really even remember the music and it was certainly no masterpiece.

I tried to find out more information about the movie, but there are no sites about the film or filmakers that I can find, so I have no answers.  Watch it if it’s on TV, but I wouldn’t recommend paying for it. Instead, go watch Picaresque again.  I will say this though – the very last shot of the film is sweet.  It’s a close up of a dude hanging ten, just feet, nose and wave.

View The Perch‘s info on The Surf Network.

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