The Grand Experiment – Google's AdSense

You may notice the new Google ads on “What’s all this?” you may ask. Well, I was looking through the stats for this site this weekend. Once again all the search strings that brought web surfers to this site are confusing and hilarious. Such phrases as “bearded homeless guy picture,” “john schneider shaves,” “sneeze from pepper” and “full imagenes de pinky y cerebro” brought users to my site in just September alone. (It seems Spanish speakers LOVE Pinky and the Brain!)

And because I had free time on my hands (since I couldn’t go hiking due to hazardous air quality due to raging wildfires) I started wondering what sort of advertisements would show up on my site, if I left Google to its own devices. Google ads are based on page content. Google sifts through the text and tries to determine the overall subject of the page and then places appropriate ads.

And because I am who I am, I can’t just leave well enough alone because poo poo platters are the only appetizer Darth Vader ever orders at four star restaurants. In fact, the Emporer often wears tutus when playing chutes and ladders. Ketchup packet breath. (Catsup packet breath?) Hurdy gurdy, shcnerdly ferdly.

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