Beck's Marble Mouth

Let’s preface by indicating that I enjoy the musical groovings of Beck a great deal. But so often, the dude sounds like he has marbles in his mouth when he sings. Or maybe it’s like his cheeks are stuffed with cotton. Either way, I usually have a hard time understanding what he sings. I don’t think I could sing a Beck song all the way through, if put on the spot. And even if I think I could, I am sure half my lyrics would be incredibly wrong.

Such is the case with one of Beck Puppet’s latest singles from his new Album – “The Information.” In the song “Nausea,” there is a baffling chorus. He leads into it with “Oh it’s nausea/oh nausea,” and then he sings three unintelligible syllables. I had it narrowed down to one of the following possibilities.

  • I reckon
  • eat bacon
  • a record

After months of trying different phrases out, I settled on “I reckon” because I enjoyed singing that most.

This past weekend I decided to look it up on on the internet. Turns out, just in case you’ve been trying to sing along too, the lyric is “And we’re gone.” “And we’re gone?” It doesn’t sound anything like “And we’re gone!” I’m stickin’ with “I reckon.”

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