The Good Swell Is Officially Over in Huntington

The surf report didn’t inspire much hope this morning.  And being there on the beach didn’t make the desire to get out and stronger.  In fact, I saw quite a few surfers just turn away.  But, a) I had my spiffy new Harbour Electric with me (though not the board for the day at all) and b) Shaun Tomson’s Rule #2 applies.  (Rule #2: I will always paddle back out.) So, I strapped on my leash and paddled out and battled those bitty waves until I had my 3 satisfactory runs.  Nothing spectacular though.  Certainly nothing on the order of the giant faces I got to rip down on Saturday.

The good news is that the summer air is hot and the water is warm enough again that trunks are back in order, so hooray for that.  Which is good because I found two giant tears in my wetsuit when Josh and I went out on Saturday.  I know I’m going to forget to get that fixed and the water is going to turn cold again before I fix it.

Also, the US Open is currently getting set up at the pier.  I saw the bleachers getting constructed this morning.  The competition will be this weekend and next (18-26 July).  If you want to see a circus, come down to Huntington during the next two weekends.  You’ll see some good surfing, but you’ll also get to see the utter madness of people, booths, freebies, sideshows… it’s a nutty event.

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