Thanks A Lot!

Last night I was watching “Celebrity Poker Showdown” on Bravo. If you have not seen the show (don’t bother) here’s a quick breakdown: 5 sets of 5 celebrities play poker for charity, the winner of each episode comes back for a final grand prize in episode 6. Last night was episode 5, the last episode before all the winners come back for the showcase showdown. I invest 40 minutes into this refuse (yes, each episode is one hour long) when during the commercial break their air a commercial for “Don’t miss the final episode!” In this commercial the show all the winners thus far including Nicole Sullivan who is currently losing on the episode I am watching. So guess who wins. THANKS A LOT, BRAVO!

Bravo obviously hired the guy who was in line in front of me buying tickets when I went to see “The Sixth Sense” as their programming director. “Did you see it yet, dude. Oh man, it was so good. I saw it last night…Turns out Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!” THANKS A LOT, GUY IN FRONT OF ME IN LINE AT THE MOVIE THEATER!

Also, I have played plenty of poker with friend (high stakes pennies and nickles), and I have never got up and walked around the room when I went “all in.” What is this phenomenon? “Oh man, I am Ben Affleck and I make millions of dollars a year for no good reason and I just went ALL IN with the money that Bravo gave me to bet. I have to get away from the table tension…walk it off…”

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