Soviet Markets

After returning from my trip (which was super fun), my wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen, and I were in desperate need to replenish our food stores. The strikes are still on and pickings are slim, but things are getting dire. The strike has been on for three months now and I still have heard of no attempts to even begin talks to resolve this. Still, that is between the union and the grocers. However, when I was in the market, I thought for sure I had been transported to Soviet Russia. Yogurt: 1 flavor, 1 size; Milk: 2% only, half gallon only; Cereal: generic brand only (I did swipe the last box of Grape Nuts, much to the chagrin of the weird lady who was eyeing said box, but was not nearly as tall as me), Corn: unsalted only (UNSALTED!! WHO DOES THIS!?)…and the lines were trailing out into the aisles. Scores of unhappy people in long lines buying food stuffs they do not really want but do need. I have no point here, just an observation really.

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