Summer Doledrums

This may not even technically count as a surf session.  The waves were 1-2, and the 2 is being very generous.  I really didn’t expect anything, but it was still disheartening.  But I put the Merlin in the water a few towers down from the pier and did a lap to the pier and back.  When I got to the pier, I did sit for a bit and wait, just in case something rolled in.  Nothing really did, just one of the phantom 2s.  But being on the Merlin, I was able to pick it up.  And then a grom dropped in on me!  The wave was ankle-high and going nowhere.  I wasn’t so much surprised that a grom dropped in on me, they do that all the time.  I was just surprised that he thought that wave was worth chasing, which it wasn’t, he immediately lost momentum and sunk out of the “wave.”

On the paddle back I did get the sense that set might roll in, so I paddled out a ways and waited again.  But I couldn’t hang long.  After seeing the following video earlier today, I was super spooked bobbin’ out there by myself.  The set never came.

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