Sparking Bland Memories

Walking back to my truck after getting coffee this morning, I was struck with a bizarre blast of nostalgia. Actually, I don’t believe “nostalgia” is the right word, as the memories that flooded me were not particularly bittersweet, nor did they ignite any sort of emotion…just memories. Anyway, I had my keys out and was ready to unlock my door when I heard a distinct “CLICK CLICK.” Then a barrage of memories of driving to school in my mom’s Astro van with my dog Sam sitting on the middle bench seat came to me in a rush. I was like Chris Walken in “Dead Zone” when he saw possible future events. I froze in my tracks and I image one of my eyes probably twitched in a manner that suggested that I was not so much “crazy” as “bestowed with special, supernatural gift such that when said gift is activated it causes a selected eye to twitch, which would normally suggest that I was just plain crazy.” After a moment, I snapped out of my Walken-like trance and wondered what caused that. The “CLICK CLICK” rang out a second time. Luckily, this time I did not slip back into my beloved Walken-like state and located the source of the not-quite-nostalgia-inducing-noice. There was an Astro van parked next to me and someone was playing with the automatic door locks.

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