Small, But Surprisingly Good

We went into this morning thinking it was likely to be another lay-day.  But after having a lay-day last week, Sean, CW, Mike and I were hell-bent on paddling out no matter what. Look at that picture!  There are no waves nor people out there at all.  But much to our surprise, and though the waves rarely were over 2 feet, there was some zip and length to them.  And the sun was actually out and warm and the day was gorgeous… We actually had so much fun that we fed the meters after 8 (bastards) to continue our session.  Lots of fun rides today.  LOTS of fun rides.  In fact, we were having so much fun, that I completely forgot to film again (sorry).

The break was rife with sea-beasties today.  Dolphins feeding, seals feeding, birds dive-bombing and feeding, and yards and yards of seaweed to get wrapped up in.  At one point I saw a bit of seaweed clinging to Sean’s leash.  When I went over to strip it off, it just kept coming and coming until I had a 20 pound ball of kelp.

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